Anthony A. Duah, PhD

Ghana Country Director


Anthony Duah is a Research Scientist for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Water Research Institute, Ghana. Anthony is a trained hydrogeologist with a background in engineering, and he has 23 years of experience as a groundwater hydrologist and environmental water scientist. He has worked on several projects for rural and small town water supply and sanitation in all ten administrative regions of Ghana, for a number of public, private and International agencies including Community Water and Sanitation Agency, DANIDA, Kruger Consult, DfID, AfD, CIDA, USAID and Water Resources Commission (WRC), Ghana. He worked as a GIS specialist and Hydrogeological Database consultant for the World Vision International Rural Water Project in Ghana, where he trained a number of hydrogeologists in the use of GIS in database management. He is the General Secretary of the Ghana Institution of Geoscientists (GhIG). Anthony has a bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering, a master’s degree in Water Resources Survey and a PhD in Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources in the midst of climate change.