Vital Signs Indicators

A Life Support System for Earth and Us

Vital Signs is an integrated data monitoring system that utilizes a uniquely formulated set of 'indices' that aggregate individual indicators across agricultural, ecosystem and social measurements. This improves data relevance and decision making capabilities for everyone—famers, policy makers, businesses, and other national and global leaders.

  • Agriculture Intensification

    Agriculture Intensification

    Practices that increase agricultural productivity per unit of land area using a variety of technological and agricultural management activities.

    (Plot, Landscape, Nation)

  • Food Security

    Food Security

    The physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet dietary needs for a healthy and active life.

    (Household, Landscape, Nation)

  • Inclusive Wealth

    Inclusive Wealth

    A comprehensive measure of the assets a community or a nation has to secure society's well-being, including social, human, manufactured, and natural capital.

    (Landscape, Nation)

  • Water Security

    Water Security

    The availability of sufficient clean water for household use, agricultural production and healthy ecosystems.

    (Landscape, Nation)

  • Resilience


    The ability of people, agriculture and ecosystems to remain healthy and productive in the face of climate variability, shocks and other stressors.

    (Household, Landscape, Nation, Continent)

  • Poverty


    A measure of standard of living, indicating whether a person has enough money or resources to meet his/her needs.

    (Household, Landscape, Nation, Continent)

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Human-induced changes in greenhouse gases.

    (Plot, Landscape, Nation)

  • Soil Health

    Soil Health

    The ability of soil to deliver ecosystem services such as food production, water and nutrient provision and climate regulation.

    (Plot, Landscape, Nation)

  • Wood Fuel Sustainability

    Wood Fuel Sustainability

    The amount of consumption of wood fuel relative to the growth rate of woody biomass.

    (Landscape, Nation)

  • Rangeland Degradation

    Rangeland Degradation

    The deterioration of land quality, e.g., soil, vegetation and/or water resources available for grazing.

    (Landscape, Nation)